SimplerThreads is the easiest way to send Twitter Threads to your email. You can also use it for normal tweets that are not part of a Twitter thread.

There are only three steps to start using SimplerThreads.

1. Sign in with Twitter

2. Drag this link to your bookmark tab: Tweet to Email

You can read detailed instructions of this step.

3. When you are on Twitter, click on the Twitter thread or the Tweet you want to save and then click on the SimplerThreads bookmark link.

The Twitter thread will be sent to the email associated with your Twitter account.

Saving Twitter Threads

SimplerThreads uses bookmarklets for saving Twitter Threads. Bookmarklets are little javascript links that live in the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

Here's the bookmarklet link: Tweet to Email

If you use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge or Opera, you can drag these links up to your bookmarks toolbar. You can also rename them later by right-clicking and choosing 'edit name'.

Why I built SimplerThreads?

Ever since Twitter became popular, more people started writing their thoughts there over blogs.

Twitter Threads have been a thing for a few years now and many interesting content from experts are in the form of Twitter Threads.

There are a few problems I see with this:

  1. Twitter's UI makes it hard to read threads
  2. It is harder to read threads later. I rarely go back to my Twitter bookmarks.

I wanted an easy way to send Twitter Threads to my email so I can read when I have time. I also wanted a minimalistic UI over Twitter's cluttered UI.